I’ve been fighting this war on racism my whole life. Never have I understood how one chooses to hate over love, because of the difference of skin tone, religious beliefs , gender, or sexual preference. I find my freedom in the comfort of my skin and knowing my worth. It’s the super power that has helped me beat the odds of being black in America. I pray we continue to unite in the fight for justice and that we find peace within.

Sophisticated Elegance with an Edge

Changing the world one stitch at a time.


The Brandin Vaughn Collection is a fashion house in which designs are created and taken from the page to the body by sole designer and owner Brandin Vaughn – a self-taught black male seamster. It’s women's wear line is designed and manufactured in-house and embodies sophisticated elegance with an edge. Recognizing the art and skill of sewing is lost among the black community and youth, the fashion house doubles as an instruction center and employs youth of all backgrounds teaching them how to run a fashion house starting with the foundation of sewing.

Welcome to the Brandin Vaughn Collection Experience